GLASE webinar on new CEA research programs

In June 2021, Dr. Erico Mattos of the GLASE (Greenhouse Lighting and Systems Engineering) Consortium held a virtual round-table discussion with new faculty members working on controlled-environment agriculture, including Dr. Qingwu Meng.

Each of the six panelists talked about their new research, teaching, and/or extension programs and answered questions. Watch the full recorded Zoom webinar here.

Online teaching of DIY home hydroponics

In Fall 2020, Dr. Qingwu Meng taught the Introduction to Hydroponics lecture course online. To provide hands-on learning, he sent students kits to try making DIY home hydroponic systems and growing hydroponic leafy vegetables and herbs. To demonstrate how this is done, he built an indoor hydroponic garden at home and posted regular updates online along with students. This video is a collection of visuals to showcase different crops he grew and the system setup.

New paper in Frontiers in Plant Sciences

In October 2020, Drs. Qingwu Meng and Erik Runkle published a research article titled "Growth Responses of Red-Leaf Lettuce to Temporal Spectral Changes" in the journal Frontiers in Plant Sciences.

Click here to read the open-access paper.

A scientific presentation of this paper is below.

Presenting at the virtual 2020 ASHS conference

In August 2020, Dr. Qingwu Meng delivered an oral presentation at the virtual 2020 American Society for Horticultural Science (ASHS) annual conference. Findings were from a research project conducted by Drs. Qingwu Meng and Erik Runkle in the Controlled-Environment Lighting Laboratory at Michigan State University. It investigated growth responses of red-leaf lettuce 'Rouxai' under changing light spectra during two growth phases. Watch the full talk here.